Freshly made treats, all created with care and the finest ingredients, including Bernard Callebaut chocolate.

Custom Designed Celebration Cakes at Big White

We specialize in creating beautiful and unique cakes perfect for your special occasion

Base prices for: chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, layered with vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting

Final height is 4 inches. Decorating includes a piped “Happy Birthday” message
  • Round:             Servings            Base Price         Fondant
  • 6-inch                    10                           $30                         $50
  • 7- inch                   14                           $40                         $60
  • 8 – inch                 20                           $50                         $80
  • 9 – inch                 24                           $60                         $95
  • 10 – inch               28                           $70                         $110
  • Sheet:                
  • 9 x 13                    36                          $75                        $125
Stacked Cakes:

  • Each layer is minimum 4 inches tall
  • Final price will include cost of each layer plus 20% stacking fee

Options: Cakes and frosting are available in many flavors, cost varies per flavor

  • Premium cakes: Red Velvet, Coffee, Carrot, Lemon, Coconut
  • Premium frosting: Raspberry, Coffee, Grand Marnier, Baileys, Mint, Mint Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Swiss Meringue, Buttercream
  • Premium Cake filling: Vanilla pastry cream, lemon curd, fruit compote, whipped cream
Sculpted Cakes:

  • Prices start at $100.

Custom Decorating: Price is based on materials and time. A quote can only be provided when a final cake design is determined. In general, sculpted cakes and cakes involving fondant or gumpaste will cost more than cakes decorated with buttercream.

Exquisitely decorated cupcakes

Come and see us for themed cakes:
Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day & more!